Review of the first pizza crawl

Review of the first pizza crawl

Tonight was the first pizza crawl organized by Frodnesor of Food for Thought blog. He proposed the crawl after some animated discussion on Chowhound about the best pizza in Miami.  Tonight we focused on downtown.  We tried Joey’s, Pizza Volante, and Andiamo.

It was refreshing to see a group of people execute something from idea to reality so quickly and efficiently.  As Peter, the bartender said, “These are experienced eaters.”  There were fifteen people, including Chowhound Miami participants and random bloggers.  The advantage of such a large group is that you get to taste a broad variety; in all, we sampled 12 pizzas.  Cash is ideal for this kind of event.

Trying some pizzas and providing objective criticism

Pizza crawlHad the second favorite at Joey’s, which was the Dolce e Picante pizza.  This one is for folks with a sweet tooth: figs, gorgonzola cheese, honey and hot pepper.  The strongest flavor was the honey, but I loved the strong, fresh taste; it was not cloying.  This would be a good pizza or dessert to share with a group.

I found the crust on their pizzas to be too thin and cracker-like for my taste.  I felt like I couldn’t taste it.  Maybe that’s the point, because the toppings stood out, without being salty or overpowering.  However, they did just change their crust recipe today, so it’s not fair to pass judgment yet.

My favorites at Pizza Volante were the Volante 100 and the Bianca.  I love the idea of the Volante 100–a daily special topped with ingredients from a hundred mile radius.  Dandelion greens, tomatoes, and arugula topped today’s pizza. Those dandelion greens were fresh and fabulous.

PizzaA successful end to a first pizza crawl

I have to say that we ended our first pizza crawl quite successfully. We got to try a bunch of different pizzas from several restaurants, and my overall impression is positive. My friends and I discovered a lot of different pizzas that we were afraid to try before.

This kind of endeavor is great for the wallet as there are a lot of people who eat with you. I ate one piece of every pizza we tried with few exceptions where I had to eat two slices due to superior taste.