Many people love Cuban bread because it is delicious, and it is a primary form of Cuban-American cuisine. There are three highly-recommended places that people can buy authentic Cuban bread in Miami, Florida.  You can also make your own cuban bread if you own a bread machine – or buy one here.

Karla Bakery is well-known for being one of the top bakeries that make great Cuban bread. They are located at 6474 W Flagler Street in Miami, FL, 33144. They are a traditional Cuban bakery and a family-friendly breakfast and lunch restaurant. They provide good quality foods with inexpensive prices. People’s experiences at Karla Bakery are considered excellent. Their bread and desserts are made fresh daily. Other than their Cuban bread, just about everyone’s favorite delight that people order is Pasticeria; a guava pastry. People recommend trying their rum cakes, which is a top-seller for their desserts. They also do catering and offer delivery services.

Another location for authentic Cuban bread is San Lago Bakery, located at 9825 Southwest 40th Street Miami, FL, 33165.They have Cuban bread baked in various delicious forms. People who eat their Cuban bread here, tell people it is best when it is eaten on the same day that it is made. The best time to pick up a couple of loaves is in the morning when the bread is still fresh. They also serve various Cuban dishes. Their top specialties are Cuban chicken, eggs, beans and rice. Other options that are popular to eat are Cuban desserts, pastries, fresh juices, pizza, and ice cream.

An additional option to buy authentic Cuban bread is Tracy Bakery, located at 17501 SW 99th Road Miami, FL, 33157. Tracy Bakery is a family-based business, which makes one of the tastiest Cuban breads. It is moist and flaky with a thin hard crust all around it. They make a traditional family recipe which has been passed down for years from Unión de Reyes, Cuba. Due to their popularity of their products, Tracy Bakery is also a full-service wholesale manufacturer and distributor of their fresh and frozen Cuban bread, pastry, and other baked items. They are available to customers through established supermarkets and many in-store bakeries.