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Why Is Miami a Great Place For Good Food?

You can find a lot of different dishes in restaurants throughout Miami because it represents a crossroad between Central and South America and the USA.

The cultural diversity of Miami means that there are a lot of different ethnic groups that live here. Every group brings their array of dishes to the table, and they open small restaurants that focus on the cuisine of their home…such as chicken pot pie with cream of mushroom soup.

You can find small restaurants that serve food specific to certain country or region if you know where to look for it. Big restaurants also adapted to this, and therefore they offer dishes that are ingenious to specific areas.

Visit one of the big restaurants in Miami, and you will be awed by the menu and all kinds of dishes they offer. Some of those are excellent while others aren’t and we are here to tell you which dish is good at a particular restaurant and what kind of food you should avoid in some establishments.

How To Become a Restaurant Critic?

It takes a lot to become a restaurant critic, and all of that starts with the high level of writing skills. Getting a journalism degree, or a degree in the English language is the first step in becoming a well-known restaurant critic.

No amount of learning will make you a food critic if you don’t have an incredible palate. You have to understand the food and try anything and still have the ability to discern between good and bad dish.

A food critic has to possess knowledge about different styles of creating dishes. They must be able to discern between various cooking techniques as well as have knowledge about wine and which dish it complements.

  You also need connections with people who can introduce you to ethnic cuisine. You won’t be able to give a proper review on ethnic dishes if you don’t have knowledge about the cuisine from which the food comes.

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